I don’t know if you have seen it but St Luke’s Living wall is stunning.  If not go and take a look…

Biotecture designed and installed the hospital living wall on the South East Façade. The green wall is positioned over the main entrance to the hospital overlooking the car park where it can have the greatest impact both visually as well as on air quality by trapping particulate matter from the traffic emissions.

The living wall was also planted and grown off site so that when the planted living wall panels were installed on site they would have immediate coverage and because they had already established good root systems they had the best possible chance of staying healthy during the delivery and installation phase. This ensures the most robust and sustainable living wall installation possible.

The living wall is not shaded by any surrounding architecture so the plants benefit from good light levels and a warm, sheltered location. Native species or near native modern hybrids like Hedera, Erysimum and Carex were favoured for the living wall planting design to satisfy BREEAM requirements. It also has woven flowering plants in the design like Lavendar and Vinca minor to provide year round colour, seasonal interest and food and shelter for pollinating insects.

What do you think?  An addition to the lift shaft near the bike racks?