When we come to a fork in the road we can end up sitting at it for a long time. Waiting. Weeks… months… years. Just waiting. Asking God, “Which road should I take?”
Sometimes the answer is, “Either. There is work for us to do together down both. I want you to choose — you are my co-heir.” We can end up ignoring this answer and carry on waiting, thinking that there must be a right and wrong choice. “If you carry on sitting here, we won’t be able to take either road and we’ll lose both opportunities.” 

It may well be that there is a right road, and it is neither of the ones you can see. But first you have to start traveling down one of them (either of them) to make the discovery.
Picture a sailing boat. If it is not moving, pointing in the wrong direction with the sail furled, there is no way to turn it around. First you must catch the wind and start moving, then the course can be changed.
Or a car that is parked. It is very hard to turn the wheels until you start the car moving forwards – even if that means starting in a different direction.


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