Discipleship Groups

HBC has launched Discipleship Groups (DGs). These groups combine community and mission for real discipleship. Bringing these two together into one group means we are doing outreach with a group of people we really know and care for, and we are spending time together with God, not only for our own benefit, but also to equip us and unite us for our group vision. Jesus met with his disciples, then he sent them out, then met with them again, they learnt by both hearing and doing.

Our desire is that each DG will:

  • Be shaped by God’s written word, the Bible
  • Support each other in prayer
  • Encounter Jesus by his Spirit
  • Be a place of spiritual growth
  • Help you engage in the outreach God has placed on your heart
  • Support you as God challenges you to step out in faith
  • Be a place of friendship and trust, where hopes and fears can be expressed

Each DG has leaders appointed to oversee both the vision and the pastoral care of the group members. The mission of each DG shapes the way it operates, including how often it meets, see the group pages for more details. We expect the number of groups will expand, the current DGs are:

Confused? Join any group – it is important

  • Our research shows that you are two times more likely to feel you belong to HBC if you belong a DG and three times more likely to feel you don’t really connect at HBC if you don’t belong to a DG!
  • Belonging is more than a nice feeling, it is a place of spiritual confidence where we can share, grow and change.
  • All the DG’s exist to grow together as disciples of Jesus–please don’t get held up because you cannot decide which mission focus suits you.
  • However, if you want help . . . .

Which is the right group for you?

We hope you find a discipleship group where you can belong and get involved. We suggest the following steps to help you make the decision about where God wants you to fit in.

  • Pray and ask God for his wisdom and direction.
  • Understand what each group will be doing and the sort of people they need.
  • Take time to think about the things that excite you and the things you do normally—chose a group which goes with these.
  • Talk to other Christians you trust can help you make a good decision.
  • Be open to the unexpected and the things that challenge you—God wants you to grow!

Maybe God has put a passion in your heart that isn’t yet represented by a discipleship group. Please speak to one of the leadership team about starting a new group.

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