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Why we give

We believe in the Biblical concept of stewardship, which teaches us that everything we have (money and possessions) and everything we are (gifts and talents) belong to God, our Creator. It’s our responsibility to manage what he gives us in line with what he wants. In the Gospels we find Jesus teaching extensively on money, so it’s clearly very important in our following him.

Why give to HBC?

HBC, like other Baptist churches, is an independent local congregation belonging to the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BU), but we don’t receive funding from BU. All our finances come from the gifts of members and friends of the church (plus some income from letting of our building).

What is the money used for?

HBC’s General Fund pays for all the regular work of the church. The two biggest items are the salaries of our Ministers and our giving to Mission, which together account for nearly 75% of our budget. Mission giving includes support for people commissioned by HBC for mission work overseas, for local Christian organisations, and for the BU’s local association and BMS World Mission (formerly the Baptist Missionary Society).

The remaining money pays for our children’s and youth work, evangelism, music and services, maintenance of the church buildings, training, catering, and administration (this covers things like insurance, as well as photocopying etc.) HBC’s building was finished in 2007. Members have given sacrificially to this over many years. However, we had to take out loans to bridge the gap between what had already been given and the cost of construction and fitting out the new building. We are committed to repay these loans over the next four years or so.

How can I give to HBC?

  • Cash or Cheque
  • If this suits you
  • By cash or cheques in the weekly offering (or at any other time to the Treasurer). Cheques should be made payable to Headington Baptist Church.

  • By Standing Order
  • Best way!
  • This means you give an instruction to your bank to pay into HBC’s bank account a fixed amount each month until you say stop. This has many benefits: it saves you forgetting, it gives the church a regular income, and it makes it easier for HBC to reclaim tax through Gift Aid if you want us to do that. You can start or change standing orders very easily at any time by completing the following form and passing this to your bank.

  •   Standing Order form
  • Online
  • A one-off gift
  • A 3% admin fee is retained by You can also give using the Charities Aid Foundation website.
  • Givenet-SUPPORT-button-LARGE-red

How can I increase the value of what I give to HBC?

If you pay income tax at the standard rate (and most employed people do), then for every £100 you give to HBC, you have paid about £25 in tax. Thanks to the Gift Aid scheme, the church can claim that tax back from the government without any extra cost to you.

All you need to do is to sign just one Gift Aid form authorising the church to reclaim the tax on all your giving (please pass to the Treasurer). This can apply to cheques or cash gifts as well as to standing orders, but we do need to know who is making the gift. We very strongly encourage you to use the Gift Aid scheme if you are a tax-payer. It’s of great benefit to the church by releasing extra resources for our ongoing ministry and mission.

For more details, please contact our treasurer.

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