In April the Headington Family Connection Discipleship Group launched Explore Together, a hands-on time for children and adults to explore our relationship with God. It allows people to build friendships, ask questions, and enjoy exploring together.

It begins with some questions. Our first sessions were: What change can we expect when we meet Jesus? What change have you experienced? What wrongs should we put right? What does God say through the story?

Over dinner together, we heard the story of Zaccheaus in Luke 19 and had time to chat about prayer requests and thoughts related to the explore themes.

The last bit of time is spent exploring! As we are all different, we want to discover our answers to these questions in a way that suits us, maybe in the Chat Zone, where we can grapple with questions, debate and share testimonies. It might be that you’d like to explore in the Busy Zone, which is a hands-on Lego, Playdough or flour and jellybaby activity? Maybe that’s not your cup of tea, and you’d like the headphones in the Listening Zone, or a creative look at the story in the Word Zone, with a range of Bible resources. It could be that peace was what you’d be looking for, so calm jars, thought-provokers, candles and mirrors are available in the Quiet Zone. Of course, being creative, we also have our Colour Zone, that pursues what it means for us in an arty way!

God made us all creative, unique and significant – so Explore Together aims to embrace all our distinctives together, allowing us to learn and have fun in the best way for us.

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