Since starting work in Barton 4 years ago, Thrive have seen the change that mentoring brings about in the lives of young people. One of those amazing young people is Skye.

Like many young people in Barton, Skye was lacking in confidence and direction when we first met her. She found it difficult to engage at school, and often didn’t attend. She’d tried going to see a counsellor, but found the experience too scary to try again. But after meeting up with one of our fantastic volunteers, Eileen, things began to change.

‘She helped me with problems I had,’ Skye says. ‘I feel supported, and that someone believes in me. I know that I always have someone to talk to.’

But there are more young people who could be helped to reach their goals with a positive role model in their lives.

So we want to increase our mentoring. Because we’ve seen that when a young person is given help and support, they’re able to plan a different future for themselves, and therefore for Barton as a whole.

Could you be the person to make an important difference in a young person’s life?
Do you know anyone who could be?

We need 6 new female mentors to support and equip 6 girls in Barton to find a different path than the one they feel is already laid out for them. It will require a lot of effort and patience, but if Skye’s example is anything to go by, it will be hugely worthwhile.

Find out more by contacting Thrive directly via the website

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