Naomi’s Gap Year at HBC

From September 2021 until August 2022, Naomi will be taking part in HBC’s gap year partnership with DNA, an opportunity for her to explore her gifting and call while working alongside the church and its ministries.

The year will involve four days a week volunteering in various areas of HBC, including helping with children and young people, older folks, administration and social media. The aim of this is to enable Naomi to experience different areas of church ministry and explore what she feels God is calling her to.

She will also spend two days a week studying as part of the DNA course, the study is a mix of both practical and theological, focussed on equipping her for serving God in this year and beyond. Once a month, these two days will be spent attending DNA conferences, where she will receive teaching and support from a wide variety of guest speakers on an array of current and challenging topics under 7 modules headed: Personal Discipleship; Biblical Studies; Foundational Theology; Evangelism; Church; Gender and Ethics; and Skills Development.

Naomi would also appreciate prayer:

  • ‘That God would be showing me what things, in particular, he wants me to do over the next year.’
  • ‘For the successful running of the year. For the fundraising, and that the Covid situation would not disrupt my ability to serve and grow during this year’



DNA are a Christian discipleship and theology training centre whose vision is to support the local church in their mission. DNA exists to recognise, release, and resource, breakthrough women and men of God. They do this by discipling people in their: theological understanding, development of giftings and most importantly the strengthening of their character to become more Christ-like.

The cost of the DNA course is £3490, which she needs to fundraise herself. This equates to 15 people giving £20 a month. If you are able to support financially, please follow this link a ‘Stewardship’ page . Stewardship is a Christian organisation that enables people to donate money to causes and allows gift-aid to be claimed on any donations. You can choose to give a one-off gift or sponsor monthly. If you pay tax please tick the box to allow gift-aid to be claimed against your donation. If you prefer to fill in the donation form on paper please contact Naomi or the church secretary for a paper copy. Your support will be greatly appreciated.