When I first came to faith it was like night and day in my old life.  I didn’t really care about anybody I didn’t care about myself.  But coming to faith, seeking Christ, everything changed. All of my family my Mum and Dad didn’t even recognise me when I first went to Portugal to see them; they were jaw-dropped the difference in my attitude, my care and the love for other people and just generally the way I was speaking. I know that I’m not perfect but I continue to seek Christ and through doing that the changes just keep coming and I praise him every day for opening my eyes to Him.

Before I became a Christian I often felt alone but I didn’t fit in I wasn’t good enough and always had to prove myself I constantly strive for a perfection I could never achieve the morning after I accepted Jesus in my life I noticed a change in my thinking I clearly remember standing on a bus and realising that I would never be alone again but that God would always be with me he lifted me out of my negative thought patterns since then I’ve become more content with who I am I found freedom and joy working alongside Jesus in both my teaching and my creativity.

There were immediate changes of direction such as being honest to my boss when I had forgotten to do things I had been asked to do even if it meant incurring his wrath.  Then later on the 15th of January 1992 when praying and asking Jesus what he wanted me to do with my work life hearing him very clearly speak into that situation so that on the 1st of January the following year I changed from being a chartered surveyor to pastoral work amongst a surveying and business community in London’s West End. Geographically working in the same place with a completely different job.

I am working with God since 2016. Before that time I just wanted to be happy so I’ve done lots of things made me happy for example going on holidays and I needed money to do that so I’ve earned a lot but since I’m working with God I just want to spend time with him that’s my greatest desire to spend quality time with him so many things had to go from my life I organise my life that way and actually I work much less and I am happy.

When I became a Christian I was working for a theatre company in York and the change was just amazing the transformation and my passion for Jesus so I soon resigned from that job and joined a Christian theatre company but unfortunately that didn’t work out and so I came before God and I lay before him the two desires in my heart my passion for acting and my passion for evangelism sharing my faith and within months god had taken away the desire to act and what remained was the desire to be sharing my faith and so my life took a different course one that was totally unexpected but wonderful.

Before I became a Christian I was always on the go I was trying to fill what I felt was a gap in my life with material things practical things anything when I became a Christian that gap was filled that gap was filled by Jesus I learned to relax more I just became a much better person a more humble person a more gentle person. And I just wanted to share that with others, so I became involved in alpha quite soon after becoming a Christian helped out with the courses on numerous occasions and help with the catering I just want to share with others that it’s okay to relax.

So what has been new since coming to Christ for me goodness I’ve just got back from the dump our garden need a lot of work I’ve been working on it this week and I’ve just cleared out all the rubbish and taken it to the dump that’s in my mind about what’s been new because for me meeting Jesus meant a brand new fresh start where I thought I’d failed, where I thought I couldn’t be loved god put my feet on a firm place on a rock where I knew I was loved where I knew I was forgiven and ever since that day about 23-24 years ago I’ve known that I’m loved by my heavenly father and where I fail he forgives and where I’m doing well I have a project he’s there as an encourager and a helper.  So I’ve got I feel like I’ve got all the resources of heaven just one prayer away and that’s been a great comfort over this last 24 years best decision I ever made was to follow Christ.