Northway Church @ 5 has been going for over two years now and there’s lots going on. If you pop along on a Sunday evening you’ll find a relaxed gathering of 30-40, sometimes more. It’s a wonderful mixed gathering with people from Northway and surrounding areas and a strong international presence from Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, the USA, Australia, Nigeria, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, to good ol’ Blighty and the Scottish climbs! We’re also blessed with young, old and the in-betweens.

What this means is that we’re a culturally rich fellowship with an ever-growing understanding of the local and wider-world community. And of course are blessed with the benefit of being able to offer fabulous international meals after the service.

So what’s been going on?

Apart from the 4,550 evening meals we’ve served and all the different people we’ve welcomed through the doors, we’ve done lots of official outreach events, including two summer fun days, door-to-door visits, carol singing on the estate, a Christmas Community choir, a Vintage Tea Dance and some of us are just about to run a Gospel Singing Workshop.

The children’s work is going from strength to strength. In January some of our dads set up SuperDads to replace a well-attended dads’ provision at the Marston & North Oxford Children’s Centre which had stopped due to the Children’s Centre closures.  SuperDads runs every second Saturday of the month and draws an average crowd of 45 dads, male carers and kids.  The scrumptious bacon butties are always a draw and look out for the outdoor kids’ trapeze next time you pop down the hill!

We’re working well with the morning congregation to co-ordinate our kids’ provision and now offer Scallywags and SuperDads for pre-schoolers and carers, and Kids’ Church for 4-12 year olds at the 5pm service. We’re hoping to expand the space available for all this with a portakabin over coming months until expanding the infrastructure becomes a possibility.

We’ve also had some brilliant and memorable visits from Nick Jackson when he’s transformed the space with tents, lava lamps and prayer spaces to help us engage with God in different ways.

The leadership team have done some brilliant work in building a welcoming and engaged community who are chomping at the bit to reach out to the local community and beyond, to share God’s message of hope and salvation. Recently we’ve started to see an increasing number of young families coming. The relaxed and interactive service and communal meal at the end is a strong incentive.

Hopefully this has been a useful update.  We’d love to invite you to come and join us to share a little bit in this marvellous and exciting adventure. So until we see you, please pray for us all that God would continue to bless us and lead us with wisdom and strength over the coming weeks and months.

If you feel called to be a part of the Northway Church @ 5 community please chat to Lynette, Pete or Chris or simply pop along.  You’re more than welcome!

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