Nick Jackson, our Children’s and Family Minister, has written two children’s books. Here he tells a little of the story of how they came to be.

“For years I have enjoyed writing and performing dramas; my favourite one is called Right Hand Man. It’s a sketch about having God with you wherever you go – kids have loved it and it has enabled us to help them understand more about the Holy Spirit in a humorous way.

Christian bookshops generally have children’s books about Noah, David, Daniel and Jesus, Bible Characters or a Gospel Story, but I’d never been able to find any about the Holy Spirit. I had looked in to whether a comic version of Right Hand Man could be created, but it had never worked out. I’d then talked with an encouraging Christian publisher, but that didn’t work out either. So when I came across an artist called Baz (Sellars) from Manchester I knew that I had found someone who could catch the humour of the skit, in all its illustrative glory!

I started by drawing a mini-version of the story and converting a drama to a narrative text. Over a year Baz and I chatted, sketched and adapted the text to create a 32-page full colour book, Right Hand Man: Billy’s Adventures With The Holy Spirit. Since the book first published in December 2017, we have heard numerous stories of children encouraged and finding support from the book – it’s great to hear these stories of children teaming up with God.

So, there is now a book for children about the Holy Spirit, that families can have in their homes.

My second book, Personal Best, deals with the way we see sin and takes verses from Hebrews about running your race, not being held back and avoiding things that so easily entangle. The story is of Asha, who is trained by a Coach who helps her get rid of bags that represent pride, laziness, jealousy, doubts, etc. The artwork is superb again from Baz and is full of hidden extras that will have you and your children reading it over and over.”

Nick’s book launch of Personal Best is happening at Headington Baptist Church, 10am on Saturday 6th April. There’ll be book signing and pineapples for some reason!

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