Most years on 31st October we fill our church building with bright lights and colour.  This year it was great to be back with games in our basement, balloon volleyball in the main hall and a disco in the board room.  With about 40 children dressed brightly, we had a great party, with face-painting, puppets, songs and musical statues.

Sometimes Hallowe’en is a scary evening – we wanted to offer an alternative, filled with colour and fun.  We watched a classic Powerpack puppet sketch about God being with us when we have fears and worries. We talked about how pumpkins have a light inside and it shines out. This led us to think about the verse from 1 Thessalonians 5 verse 5 about being light In the darkness.  And of course, we sang our Powerpack song ‘Shine From The Inside out’

It was great to see the church filled with children and families, enjoying a party and filling up all the spaces.