Sunday Services

Headington Baptist Church, Sundays at 10:30am

78 Old High Street OX3 9HW
Church Office: 01865 763572
Revd James Bloice Smith
Revd Chris Band

An exciting atmosphere which aims to include people of all ages, with authoritative Bible teaching and lively worship. Children and Youth groups run in parallel.

An exciting atmosphere which aims to include people of all ages, with authoritative Bible teaching and lively worship. Children’s groups run in parallel, starting about 20 minutes after the start of the services. Communion takes place on the first Sunday of the month. Please join us for a coffee or tea after the service. Everyone is welcome.

During the service, we run activities for children and young people:
★ Sunday Youth – is for 11-16 year-olds. It features Bible study and discussion, hot chocolate, sometimes games, chat and just generally chilling out!
★ Transformers – is our lively children’s ministry for 3-11 year-olds. Our aim is for children to be transformed by the power of God and for them to transform their world as God enables them.
★ Mini Transformers – is for children up to 4 years who are happy to stay without their parents, thus enabling parents to join in the rest of the service. The group offers a range of activities and has at least two leaders present at all times.
★ Babies – Towards the back left of the main hall there’s an area with chairs for parents and a rug for babies. If you need some space, there is a speaker in the lounge so that you can hear the service.

Headington Baptist Church, Sundays at 7pm

A more intimate time of praise and worship with space for reflection. Communion on the third Sunday of the month. We offer coffee and tea from 6.45pm and again after the service. Everyone is welcome, but this service is less suitable for young children.

Barton Community Church, Sundays 4pm

(1pm on first Sunday of the month for lunch)
Barton Neighbourhood Centre OX3 9LS
Revd Paul Clarke

Barton Community Church started life in June 2010 with a barbecue and bike workshop, which became a regular feature of life in the community. [email protected], as it became known, has now grown into a weekly expression of worship that meets in Barton Neighbourhood Centre, with around 40 people from all ages and backgrounds attending on any given Sunday.

The doors open at 4pm for refreshments and conversation. We sing together before the kids are taken out to the creche and Sunday School and then back together at the end for a communal meal (for free).

Barton Community Church seeks ‘to be an authentic community bringing hope to the heart of Barton through making Jesus known’.

We’ve seen many dramatic answers to prayers including people coming to faith and being baptised, healing from cancer and appointing our new minister Paul Clarke.

If you live in Barton or like the sound of us, you’d be most welcome!

Northway Church, Sundays at 5pm with a meal

12 Sutton Rd OX3 9RB
Revd Chris Band

There’s lots going on at Northway Church @ 5. If you pop along on a Sunday evening you’ll find a relaxed gathering of 30-40, sometimes more. It’s a wonderful mixed gathering with people from Northway and surrounding areas and a strong international presence. Our afternoon services all end with a wonderful meal.

And of course are blessed with the benefit of being able to offer fabulous international meals after the service.

Every second Sunday of the month we run SuperDads which draws an average crowd of 45 dads, male carers and kids. The scrumptious bacon butties are always a draw and look out for the outdoor kids’ trapeze next time you pop down the hill!


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