Since starting work in Barton 4 years ago, Thrive have seen the change that mentoring brings about in the lives of young people. Through the consistent support of a mentor each week, we’ve seen young people achieve amazing things and make a real difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Because of the support of a mentor, Morgan is fulfilling his goal of supporting families in need in the Philippines, Mark is doing really well at college and plans to study music at University, and AJ is managing to overcome difficult circumstances and wants to help other young people gain confidence and new skills.

But there are more young people who could be helped to reach their goals with a positive role model in their lives.

So we want to increase our mentoring. Because we’ve seen that when a young person is given help and support, they’re able to plan a different future for themselves, and therefore for Barton as a whole. At the start of the year we matched 5 mentors with 5 girls from the estate, now we want to provide the same opportunity for the boys.

Could you be the person to make an important difference in a young person’s life?
Do you know anyone who could be?

We need 5 new male mentors to support and equip 5 boys in Barton over the coming year. And we’d love to find them soon. Our training sessions are happening on Tuesday the 5th and Thursday the 7th of May.

Find out more by contacting Thrive directly via the website or by calling Jem Todd on 07581794222

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