Although I have been the Alpha Course Coordinator at Headington Baptist Church for around six years, I can honestly say that I find the course as stimulating now as when I first began. Yes, the material is great and we do have a wide range of inspirational speakers, but the attraction for me is the privilege of being part of the Alpha Course guests’ exploration of faith. Chatting about things that really matter over food, or with a coffee in hand, has formed some precious and enduring friendships. Some have found a new friendship with Christ that has utterly transformed their lives. If you have never attended an Alpha Course, please do give it a go!

Chris Band

became a Christian at the age of 11 and after finishing schooling studied theology at Birmingham University, the London School of Theology, and latterly the University of Oxford. Much of my Christian ministry experience has been in student work (15 years!) with national students, international students, and three years teaching New Testament Studies in North India. I joined Headington Baptist Church in 1999, became minister-in-training in 2007 and was ordained and inducted as a full-time minister in 2009. I am married to Breeze and have two wonderful daughters, Petra and Tia. My interests include writing, DIY, classical music (favourite piece: Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2 in F), Settlers of Catan, and, more recently, climbing. Oh, and there’s also the dog.

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