Water is fantastic stuff, so last Saturday we looked at some of the clever characteristics it has.

Observing water running down a wet string.

At HBC we have a lot of enthusiastic scientists, along with others who have a science background and remain excited by science. The discoveries made using the scientific method have been remarkable. As we discover more about the natural world the more we find ourselves saying, ‘WOW, that’s amazing!’

But for many of us, as we find out how brilliant and elegant our universe is we want to say: ‘Thank you God, you are a genius.’

Getting a feel of the heat capacity of water. By comparison or calculation – dropping hot ball bearings into cold water or oil and measuring the temperature changes.

We plan to run these WOW hands-on science events every couple of months. All ages can enjoy WOW from 7 year olds up. Just about everyone saw, experienced or learnt something new related to water on Saturday, so it is definitely not ‘Just for the kids!’

Here are some important qualities. Solid water, ice, floats on liquid water. If it did not fish would freeze at the bottom of ponds in winter and the whole planet would turn into a ball of ice.

Kelvin water dropper

It can hold a lot of heat energy, so stops the world getting too hot too quickly and because it keeps it’s heat a long time it is good for hotties.

Water molecules hold together really well, so metal objects which sink in water, if they are the right shape, will sit on top of the water – this is not floating! (See image at the top)

Water does some really interesting things with electricity. We had a Kelvin water dropper made for us which, by connecting the wires up correctly, generates some 10,000 volts and make a spark jump a gap. In effect, this is a little lightning bolt.

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