Deep down everyone wants to make a difference in this world. This is something I have felt from an early age and I wanted to use a lot of my negative experiences to help people later on in my life. During my late teens I suffered from depression and many of the other issues that teenagers can struggle with. I was really pleased to have been linked in with a church and find a youth worker I could talk to. I promised myself that I would do something with my life that would really help people. Since I struggled in my teen years I decided to focus on teenagers.

I started my training to become a youth worker in 2009 and moved to Oxford in 2010 when I joined Headington Baptist Church. I was part of the student group and was mentored by one of the ministers. During my time at Headington Baptist Church I volunteered to help at the Friday night youth meetings and began to really feel a passion for helping the youth in the church.

In early 2013 I went on a mission trip to South Sudan to work as a missionary delivering youth work and training. When I returned to the UK in June 2013 I heard about an opening at Headington Baptist Church for a youth worker, and here I am now. I live in the local area and also have a second job as a Teaching Assistant working in a primary school.

In the 10 years that I have been involved in youth work I have heard encouraging stories of lives that have been changed through Jesus and on occasions I have been the channel that God has chosen to use. During my journey as a Christian I have learnt a lot about God’s character and have been shaped and moulded by many things through different experiences.

My vision for the youth of Headington Baptist Church is for them to be distinctive in this world. I want to help their characters to be shaped by God and become strong in God’s word. I hope that this will lead to their God-given gifts to be released and used.

Adam Bathe


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