Activities for youth

We’re passionate about seeing young people becoming their full potential in God.


Years 7-10
Distinctive group runs during the Sunday morning service in our upstairs rooms. We read the bible, complete challenges and have fun.


Years 6-8
Our Friday night youth club is lively, welcoming place and is just the right place to start the weekend.


Years 9-11
We like to relax, discuss and build friendships but also join in with some of the more crazy games the leaders invent.

Deep friendships

In all of the groups at HBC, you’ll have the chance to make new friends and discover shared interests, whether that be music, sports, gaming, crafts or whatever you’re into.
We believe that we all have the ability to change our world for the better with God’s help. We’ll have the chance to participate in social action projects in Headington and beyond.

Crazy fun times – every time

We have an amazingly creative programme, full of fun activities. There’s every opportunity to discuss, interact, be silly and compete.

Discovering God together

We support each other as we step forward to learn about God through reading the Bible. The leaders prepare interesting sessions involving video, music, drama and games. We get to have our say, worship, pray, and feel closer to God together

Our vision for the Youth

We want to see our young people becoming distinctive for Christ. We want to help them obtain this by studying His word, developing their gifts and stepping in to Christ’s mission.

Be distinctive

We want our young people to know that they are loved by God and to find their faith in Christ. We want their character to be God-shaped, full of love, service and passion for Him. We want our young people to develop strong Christian relationships that encourage and value each other.

Living in the Word

Our desire is to give the young people tools and skills to study the Bible in depth, putting it into context and growing in Truth. We aim to apply this knowledge in real life situations.

Developing and releasing gifting

We want to identify potential gifting and skills in each of us. We encourage young people to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and to practice prayer for healing, prophesy and renewal.


Our aim is to equip young people to pass on what they have discovered and to invite friends to the groups.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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