A short series of stories from our church family about how God has been with them or speaking to them during 2020.  Cecily shares a reflection entitled ‘Blossom’. as God spoke to her as she looked at the trees.


This year, God dressed the tree with as much blossom as he could possibly squeeze in. I saw it when I was out for some daily exercise walking over to Wood Farm.

It was as if he was calling out to me, “Look! I DO love you. I AM a God of love and kindness. I haven’t abandoned you. I care deeply. My heart is bursting with longing. I long to comfort, heal and help you every step of the way. This year, God couldn’t love you more.” 

Despite the encouragement I felt when God spoke to me of his abundant love, a couple of weeks later, when the blossom was falling, I was feeling rather sad again. This time while I was out for my walk I saw this tree and God said, “It’s OK to be sad. Look, I am crying too.”