We believe in the Biblical concept of stewardship, which teaches that everything we have (money and possessions) and everything we are (gifts and talents) belongs to God, our Creator. It’s our responsibility to manage what He gives us in line with what He wants. In the Gospels Jesus teaches extensively on money, so it’s clearly very important in our following Him.

Why give to HBC?

HBC, like other Baptist churches, is an independent church belonging to the Baptist Union (BU) of Great Britain. We have three congregations in the Headington area: Old High Street; Barton; Northway. Virtually all our finance comes as gifts from members and friends plus some from letting of rooms in our Old High Street building.

Harvest Offering

We use this name because it is a monetary offering taken up each year in conjunction with our Harvest Festival. It is not part of the budget already mentioned and 100% of the giving plus any recovered tax is passed on to agreed causes(s), which in 2016 was the BU’s Syria Appeal.

What is the money used for?

Each financial year our Members’ Meeting adopts a budget. The two biggest expenditures are funding our ministerial workers and giving to Mission, which together account for ~72% of this year’s budget.

Giving to Mission includes support for people commissioned by HBC for mission work overseas, for non-HBC Christian organisations and activities, for the local BU association, and for BMS World Mission (formerly the Baptist Missionary Society).

We aim not to retain any more than a prudent level of reserves, so all the remaining income pays for children’s and youth work, evangelism, music and services, maintenance of the church buildings, insurance, training, catering, and administration.

How can I give to HBC?

Cash or Cheque
If this suits you

Any item that can be banked may be placed in the morning collection taken up at Old High Street. Cheques need to be payable to Headington Baptist Church.

Also cash gifts can be handled at the 5p.m. Northway service.

Gift Aid may be applicable if the donor is identified.

By Standing Order
Best way!

This means you give an instruction to your bank to pay into HBC’s bank account a fixed amount each month until you say stop. This has many benefits: it saves you forgetting, it gives the church a regular income, and it makes it easier for HBC to reclaim tax through Gift Aid if you want us to do that. You can start or change standing orders very easily at any time by completing the following form and passing this to your bank.

Also cash gifts can be handled at the 5p.m. Northway service.

Gift Aid may be applicable if the donor is identified.

For your convenience

Via, which also uses the name Stewardship.

Barton or Northway ‘project’ can be specified if you give monthly.

Whatever donations have been received are automatically transferred near the end of each month to our appropriate bank accounts.


HBC has a policy that only the Treasurer and a small number of named tellers know the details of any gifts.

We can apply something called GASDS to recover tax on anonymous gifts of £20 or less collected as in the first column above, but a total value limit per year applies and we give thanks that this is normally reached. Therefore rather than giving anonymously even for small amounts it’s better to follow other options if applicable.

HBC does reserve the position of not accepting gifts from sources of which we are unsure or that the giver wishes to be spent on purposes not already in our general budget.

How can I increase the value of what I give to HBC?

If you pay UK income or capital gains tax, thanks to the Gift Aid scheme the church can probably* claim tax back from the government. The church accounting system is set up to recover tax at standard rate, which is of great benefit as at present rates this releases resources for our ongoing ministry and mission to the tune of an additional 25% of such gifts.

Please just download a Gift Aid form, authorising the church to reclaim the tax on your giving.


Also available from the Treasurer’s pigeon hole.

It needs to be passed to our Treasurer as an actual sheet of paper, so that an original signature is held in our folder, either by post to the address on the form or by hand into his pigeon-hole.

*Some “small print”:- Please read the information on the form fully. The Gift Aid form need not be completed if you are ONLY giving via “online” options in the third column. All gifts to HBC general fund are just that and no extra payments are needed to make Gift Aid applicable.

In conclusion

Many thanks in advance if you decide to give to HBC, but should you wish to contact our Treasurer on the subject please use the following form. One use might be that a tax-year summary of giving is not routinely distributed to each donor but may be requested on a one-of basis.

Contact our treasurer

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