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To make a single gift, please use one of the buttons below or, for a different amount, use the   Stewardship account box on the right. 

How is HBC funded?

Like all Baptist churches, we are responsible for paying our own expenses. We do not get money from the Baptist Union.

We believe in the Biblical concept of stewardship, which teaches that everything we have (money and possessions) and everything we are (gifts and talents) belongs to God, our Creator. It’s our responsibility to manage what He gives us in line with what He wants. In the Gospels Jesus teaches extensively on money, so it’s clearly very important in our following Him.

special Projects

HBC has been in Headington for more than 100 years but we are now supporting a special project in Barton through our daughter church, Barton Community Church.  We are also expanding our staff team for which we are buying a residential house in Headington. Most gifts to HBC are used in our general fund, as decided in our church meeting, but donations for either of these special projects are also welcome.

How can I give to HBC?

Cash or Contactless
If this suits you

We can receive cash or contactless payments during or after our morning service.  These gifts are for £30 or under, allowing us to use GASDS to reclaim tax from HMRC.  For gifts greater than £30 please select another option.

By Standing Order
Best way!

You may give an instruction to your bank to pay into one of HBC’s bank accounts until you say stop. This has many benefits: it saves you forgetting, it gives the church a regular income, and it makes it easier for HBC to reclaim tax through Gift Aid if you want us to do that. You can start or change standing orders very easily at any time by doing it yourself online or by completing the following form and passing this to your bank.


Online one-off gifts
For your convenience

You can give one-off gifts via Stewardship at  This also allows for more ongoing giving.  Just click the link below.


HBC has a policy that only the Treasurer and our accounts inspector know the details of any gifts.

We encourage use of Gift Aid because it increases the value of your gift by 25% at no cost to yourself. The extra is from the tax authorities (HMRC).

 HBC does reserve the right not to accept gifts from sources of which we are unsure or where the giver wishes gifts to be spent on purposes incompatible with our charitable purposes.

How can I increase the value of what I give to HBC?

If you pay UK income or capital gains tax, thanks to the Gift Aid scheme, the church can claim tax back from the government.  This releases resources for our ongoing ministry and mission to the tune of an additional 25% of such gifts.

Please just download a Gift Aid form, authorising the church to reclaim the tax on your giving and give the form to the treasurer.

Please check the HMRC small print on the form to be sure your gift will qualify.


All forms are also available from the Treasurer’s pigeon hole in the foyer.

So that an original signature is held in our folder it needs to be passed to our Treasurer as an actual sheet of paper, either by post to the address on the form or by hand into his pigeon-hole.


You might consider providing for a monetary bequest to the church in your will.  This could help with inheritance tax (IHT) on your estate because HBC is a registered charity and your executor(s) can take off the gift before computing the IHT payable.  The gift has to be treated as capital and is not eligible for HBC Gift Aid.  The treasurer can supply a suggested form of words .

In conclusion

Many thanks in advance if you decide to give to HBC, but should you wish to contact our Treasurer,  please use the following form. 

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