Small group gatherings are very important to us.  Groups generally meet mid-week, some have a mission focus, others are a space for Bible study, prayer, ministry and fellowship.

Home Discipleship Groups

Our midweek gatherings are called Home Discipleship groups.  These range from an intergenerational gathering with food, to a mission-focused groups to Bible Study and prayer groups.  They all have fellowship, Bible Study prayer and opportunities to respond.  

Home Discipleship Groups

The Yarnton Home Discipleship Group (Tuesday evenings)
Media Home Discipleship Group (Tuesday evenings)
Brazilian Home Discipleship Group
Bayswater Road Home Discipleship Group (Tuesday evenings)
Explore Together Home Discipleship Group (Thursday tea time, Fortnightly)
Quarry Home Discipleship Group (Wednesday evenings)
Link-up Home Discipleship Group (Tuesday evenings)
Women’s Home Discipleship Group (Thursday mornings)
Twenties and Thirties Group

7 reasons why Home Discipleship Groups are great!

  1. Be shaped by God’s written word, the Bible
  2. Support each other in prayer
  3. Encounter Jesus by his Spirit
  4. Be a place of spiritual growth
  5. Help you engage in the outreach God has placed on your heart
  6. Support you as God challenges you to step out in faith
  7. Be a place of friendship and trust, where hopes and fears can be expressed

Lite Bite

Thursdays 12pm-2pm
Lunch and activities for the over 50s (under 50s welcome!)


Toddlers & Co

Tuesdays 9.30pm-11.30pm
Babies, toddlers and carers welcome.


Youth Groups

Wednesdays & Fridays
See Youth page for information.


Morning Prayer

Thursdays 6am
HBC on the first Thursday of the month, online other Thursdays