Strange isn’t it not meeting in our basement or Mini’s room on Sunday!  But you can join in with stories, songs, prayers and do many of the things we like about Transformers with our own families.  On our very own Transformers At Home Page.
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The site is on Nick’s Powerpack page as its easier for him to do the code and images on that site.

We’re passionate about seeing children becoming their full potential in God

Nick Jackson | Children & Families Leader

Nick has over 30 years experience in children’s ministry. He creates resources, writes curriculum and speaks at national conferences. Locally he leads an REInspired team, runs our holiday club and is involved in community events. Nick was previously a deputy headteacher in a local primary school and has taught for 15 years.

Nick is also part of the leadership team with Powerpack Ministries. Nick leads kids teams at Spring Harvest, New Wine, Faith Camp and RIVER Camp celebrations. He is a core team member of Children Changing Nations and Connect.


Nick’s work with Powerpack is all about seeing children raised up as ‘God chasers and nation shakers’. Powerpack is interdenominational and charismatic in character. We are team based – drawing volunteers from various churches throughout the UK and overseas.

Sunday activities for children



In the crèche room you’ll find things you will need to keep your baby happy and comfy chairs for feeding plus an audio relay to follow the talks.

Mini Transformers

Age 0-4s

Carers can enjoy the service knowing their child is being cared for and enjoying a range of activities.


Age 4-11

Fun activities, play and games, Bible teaching, stories, drama and opportunities to pray for others. Transformers, not conformers!

  Children’s Registration Form for Sunday Sessions (Paper copies available at HBC)

Other Activities

Toddlers & Company

Age 0-4

We meet Tuesdays 9.30 to 11.30am for friendship, support and encouragement to those who have the care of babies and children under school age. We’re often full, so please contact us for a place.

Toddlers & Company

WOW Science

Age 7-99

Enjoy science and wonder at God’s world. It’s hands-on fun for everyone, 7 years old and older. At HBC we have a lot of enthusiastic scientists. The discoveries made using the scientific method have been remarkable. As we discover more about the natural world the more we find ourselves saying, ‘WOW, that’s amazing!’

Wow Science

Champions Holiday Club

Age 4-11

Champions!- Holiday Club 2020. Join us to explore how we can be Champions with God.  A look at the life of Daniel and picking up plenty of sporting themes.  As usual packed with fun, games, songs, activities, crafts, workshops, pies-in-faces and silliness. It’s for 4-11 year olds! Sign Up Today or  Download Flyer

Champions Sign Up Here

Useful Parenting Support

Parenting For Faith

A BRF programme – Parenting for Faith’s focus is to inspire and support parents and carers to raise God-connected kids and teens.

Care For The Family

Because Life Matters…A national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties.


A wealth of family resources created by Victoria Beech. It can help your family pray and study the Bible together in innovate creative ways.

Guardians Of Ancora

Enter the wonderful world of Ancora and play your way through exciting Bible Quests. With a new Quest each month, the stories of the Bible are really brought to life in new and exciting ways.

Adventure Bible

This Bible site is full of resources to help families get into the Bible.


A site packed with games and videos connected to the Bible.  Lots of media content to keep most under 11s occupied for hours!


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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